Our Story

SPRING IN THE DESERT MINISTRIES (SDM) was birthed in the heart of Dr. Linda Gorham as she ministered to individuals who came to her seeking spiritual guidance or support, particularly during their times of personal or spiritual crisis.  After spending much time in consecration and prayer to God for direction about his call to service, Linda visited a nearby retirement community and asked for space to have a weekly prayer support and bible study group meeting.  Her request was granted and the first fellowship meeting was held on March 4, 2012 in the community center of the retirement community.  Shortly thereafter, God gave Linda the ministry name and vision.

The ministry name reflects the experience of many individuals whose stories are written in the Holy Scriptures — individuals who had life-changing encounters with God while experiencing difficult seasons in their lives — seasons of hardship, spiritual struggle, and loss. Such individuals — including Hagar, Jacob, Moses, David, Elijah, and even Jesus — found that they were nurtured during those wilderness experiences by the Presence of the Holy Spirit — He was their Water, their Spring in the Desert.  Today, both Christians and seekers of truth can experience the same Presence that biblical patriarchs and matriarchs encountered as they journeyed through ancient wastelands.  In God alone, we can find an oasis of rest, peace, and refreshing for our souls.  We can be strengthened by His grace and by our connections with others who share our same hope.

The ministry name also draws attention to the reality that many communities, cities, and countries around the globe are void of the life-giving Word of God.  Jesus is the life-giving Word of God.  Without exposure to the truth of the whole gospel and being taught how to apply this truth to everyday life, many individuals, families, and societies are like dry, desert-places and are desperate for the water of God’s word to regenerate and transform them.  Therefore, the mission of Spring in the Desert Ministries is to encourage the poor and burdened (Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18), evangelize near and far (Matthew 28:19; Isaiah 61:1-3), equip for life and service (Matthew 28:20, Ephesians 4, Isaiah 61:4), and exalt Jesus Christ as Lord (Matthew 28:18; Isaiah 61:3, 11; John 14:6). Our vision is to be an international network of missions-oriented churches united in faith, fervent in love, filled with the Spirit, and transforming our communities for God’s glory. God, our Provider — Jesus, our Good Shepherd — the Holy Spirit, our Comforter  — the great and awesome Trinity empowers us to fulfill this mission and will preserve us until THE DAY when God himself will make all things new and all who put their trust in him will experience everlasting joy (Isaiah 61:7).

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