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Please read the following disclaimer carefully.  By obtaining access to our materials and references on this website, you are agreeing with this disclaimer, and assuming responsibility for your own personal choices.  If you cannot agree with this disclaimer, you are instructed not to read these web pages.

Please note that the resources, sites, and organizations are suggested for informational purposes only.  These are direct links to other Internet sites that SDM believes may be helpful. However, this does not imply that SDM endorses all of the information at each site. Furthermore, while we attempt to monitor and update our listings on a regular basis, SDM cannot make any claims or assume any responsibility as to the reliability or functionality of the Internet addresses provided or the information provided at the sites.

Readers are encouraged to evaluate the materials on each site and to use what they find to be helpful. Help and healing information provided in our web pages and at other web sites is not intended as a substitute for assistance from a licensed mental health professional.

SDM advises all people who avail themselves of these resources to obtain appropriate counsel before making any significant decisions based on advice given by them.  SDM cannot and will not assume any legal liability for damages that result to anyone for following advice given by others at any time.  SDM does not offer any warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the performance or veracity of information obtained through the SDM web site.

SDM stands within the evangelical Christian tradition with respect to its position on spiritual issues but it should be noted that even within that tradition there is still a diversity of viewpoints in some areas. In areas affecting spiritual matters, you should understand that a tremendous variety of opinions exist on how people should meet their needs.

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