Our five values reflect the activities of the early church as recorded in Acts 2:42-47. These values are:


Preaching The Gospel

  • Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God to people in our immediate community and beyond
  • Using culturally-relevant ways to present the message of salvation
  • Trusting the Holy Spirit to confirm the preaching of the gospel with signs and wonders to the glory of God
  • Baptizing new believers


Teaching And Equipping Followers of Jesus To Live Out Their Faith (i.e. Love God And Love Others)

  • Teaching sound Christian doctrine
  • Identifying, developing, and embracing diverse spiritual gifts
  • Promoting godly living and the practice of spiritual disciplines (bible study, earnest prayer and fasting, etc)


Worshipping God In Spirit And Truth

  • Observing Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper)
  • Continually being filled with the Spirit
  • Praying fervently and continually
  • Possessing a sense of joy and gladness for God’s blessings and responding by praising and blessing God continually for his greatness and goodness
  • Possessing a sense of awe and reverential fear because of the miraculous signs and wonders confirming the presence of God in the ministry


Fellowshipping in Love and Unity

  • Assembling together regularly with one another for corporate worship, bible teaching, and fellowship
  • Continually displaying love, hospitality, generosity as well as living out supportive, kind, compassionate, caring relationships with one another
  • Using spiritual gifts to strengthen, unite, and encourage one another


Serving the Needs of the Poor and Weak

  • Showing mercy to those in need
  • Loving and working for justice in the society
  • Living in and promoting peace with others as much as possible

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