Encountering God: Lessons from Hagar’s Story

Hagar’s story can be found in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.  Her name means stranger.  Hagar was a mother who, at one point in her life, was a single mother struggling to survive like many single mothers today.  She was also a young girl — an African slave — who like many young girls today was mistreated, ran away, returned to her mistress, got “put out” of the house, was homeless and abandoned by those who were supposed to care for her, and nearly died in the desert — but God came to her rescue.  In her despair, while she was between a rock and a hard place, Hagar came to know that God had his eyes on her.  Hagar’s story is a complex one of surrogacy, discontent, confrontation, revenge, abuse, spiritual symbolism, survival, and the supernatural.  Click on the PDFs below to download the study guide and worksheets for each week’s lesson.

hagar’s story study text – gen16 (text only) hagar’s story – Problem-Solution – worksheet1 hagar’s story – revenge worksheet2

hagar’s story – galatians4 worksheet3 hagar’s story – Sarai to Sarah worksheet4 hagar’s story – luke 15- worksheet5

hagar’s story – hagar’s revelation worksheet6

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